Dark Florals For Spring

Image: Harpers Bazaar

The Dark Side of Florals

Spring has officially arrived and we are seeing a modern update on a classic trend: florals. Spring time is synonymous for girly floral prints, combined with a softer cooler color palette- think pastels such as; baby pinks & yellows, light blue and mint green.

However, this year we are seeing traditional floral prints combined with not so traditional dark color contrasts.

Floral prints for 2016 were shown on the runways over lapped on dark colors such as black and gray. Another huge trend right now is pattern mixing. Various patterns sitting next to each other to create an interesting contrast.

P.S don't put away your dark fall/winter leather accessories just yet. We saw black leather shoes and bags paired with these new prints as well.

Check out how fashion blogger Shannon from Upbeat Soles rocks a dark floral jumpsuit.