Top Fashionista's Sporting Abalone Jewelry.

abalone shell jewelry

One hot material we are starting to see in jewelry trends are abalone shells!

Abalone is a common name for a group of small or large sea snails. The interior of their shell is lined with a thick layer of what we commonly refer to as, mother-of-pearl.

This highly iridescent shell gives off a strong range of a variety of colors, making the shell attractive for jewelry. Abalone shell colors can range from blues to greens. Not just your typical white mother-of-pearl.

The beautiful shell can be seen incorporated in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and much more. The gorgeous range of colors naturally given off by the shell, makes abalone jewelry so special.


Embolden Jewelry's new collection features unique pieces featuring the gorgeous abalone shell.

Designed with flair and crafted with care from quality materials.

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