Improve your balance, power and mental clarity with negative ion jewlery.

Would like to feel more balanced throughout the day? How about having more power and energy to get you through your day? What about a little help with mental clarity? What if you could achieve these through a simply piece of jewelry.

Embolden Jewelry presents the Fun Collection. The magnetic necklaces and pendants in this collection are anionic negative ion and are said to improve balance, power, and mental clarity. Claims are made for their effectiveness in preventing fatigue. Many athletes use this type of jewelry because of it's added benefits.

Negative ion jewelry is as durable and practical as it may be helpful to your health. The magnetic clasps make them a great accessory for those who have difficulty trying to fasten clasp closures. The rubber jewelry's versatility lets you add pendants, wear alone or interexchange. The possibilities are endless. This collection provides great unisex versatility and wear ability for everyone, including boys, girls, teens, women, and men.

This collection of negative ion necklaces and bracelets are made of silicone rubber and many have magnetic clasps which makes them ideal for all ages from very young to the elderly. They are easy to clasp and comfortable to wear. The silicone rubber is durable and waterproof.

Pictured is the Negative Ion Magnetic Rubber Cord Necklace - 18" - Pink $21.99

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