How to keep your cool when its cold out. February 15, 2016 13:51

It's All About The Layers

There are two types of layering in the fashion world. Layering because you want to, and layering because you have to.

When the temperature starts to dip we resort to layering our finest pieces to shield us from the cold. The winter seasons are the perfect time to experiment with layering, because frankly you need to.

In a sea full of primarily black hats, coats and scarves, a true fashionista needs to stand out. In today's fashion world where almost anything goes, don't be afraid to experiment with your layered look.

Today's trend setters aren't afraid to wear unconventional silhouettes, experiment with different textures and mix and match colors. These fashion mavericks know how to rock crazy-cool combinations, especially when the weather permits for extra layers. Now is the time to break the style rules and get some major inspiration from this seasons street styler's.