Being the boss is women new career preference!

In 2017 being a college graduate student is no longer enough for women.  We want more and we need more.  Being the perfect housewife or fabulous business woman has always been a hard decision to make, but some ambition ladies choose to have it all. While exhausting, it's possible to excel professionally at the same time as raising the next generation.  The truth is that it doesn’t really matter what you’ve decided to do if you are seeking improvement every day. Never settle for anything and if you see an opportunity, TAKE IT! I can assure you it is never easy, but rather tiring and time consuming.  However, the reward is worth it. We all as humans need to feel satisfaction from the activities we engage in and that’s why we can never stop learning new things. We are natural achievers and our mental health is based on remaining active. Even setting less demanding short-time goals such as a “to do list” helps us to satisfy our natural desire to achieve.

Richest Women WorldWide

Well maybe these ladies didn’t have to work hard to become billionaires, but they did have to struggle to maintain and manage their empires. The top 5 richest women in the world are the lucky heiress’ of last century’s business sharks who started their companies from scratch and passed their knowledge onto their daughters.

 L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt died being the richest woman in the world in September 2017 at the age of 94. 
 Alice Walton, the only daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.
 Jacqueline Mars, owner of one-third of Mars, the world's largest candymaker.
Roshni Nadar took her father’s place running the 4.2 billion Indian family company at the age of 27.
Aerin Lauder, heiress of  her grandfather, Estée Lauder’s,  skin care business and named after him.



Most Influential Social Media Women Entrepreneurs

Since social media became the most important communication method for the current generation, much attention has shifted to social media influencers (people who are capable of persuading their followers via social media posts).  Here are some examples of influential women on social media who actually started a business or career thanks to their popularity.

 1.Kylie Jenner: The youngest of the Kardashian squad is well known for being a millennial business girl besides the popularity of her family’s television show. With 98.9 million followers she launched her first lip kit of lip gloss plus lip liner in 2016 under the name of her new brand Kylie Cosmetics. Her products are vegan and are not tested on animals.

3.Cassey Ho: She is a YouTube star with her channel reaching 3,932,053 subscribers. This yoga blogger started with sketching her ideas and customizing bras until she founded her active wear empire POPFLEX with an entire line of leggings, bras, shorts, tanks, capris, etc.

4.Sazan Hendrix: Beauty and lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger and recently television host, Sazan Barzani (before marriage) used her knowledge in fashion to create The Bless Box, a monthly subscription business that mails a red box with “must have” personal items that she personally chooses to the subscriptors.
2.Sascha Barboza: Better known as “Sascha Fitness,” she is a Best Seller nutrition author and coach. She lives in Miami but originates from Venezuela. She has more than 2.5 million followers and started her business in  2015 by selling her own protein shake “HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE”


Women in Business

It is not really common for women to dream of becoming a businesswoman while growing up, but the typical female stereotypes are slowly changing.  It is our job to continue to change those sexist images and show our kids that they can be anything they want to be, regardless of their gender.  Women don’t need to become extreme feminists to make a difference in the world. When we talk about empowering women, it can be as simple as realizing women have a voice and it should be heard by everyone.

These women dreamed and believed in themselves enough to start their own business’ by taking initiative and putting fear aside. Now they run multi-million companies and are the perfect example of courage.  Here is the list of entrepreneurs who built up their business from nothing:

  1. Sara Blakely created Spanx out of a simple product idea and now the company’s net  worth is over $1.5 billion dollars.
  2. Rashmi Sinha, co-founder and mastermind behind SlideShare, which was acquired by LinkedIn for $118.75 million dollars.
  3. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields formed a $650 million dollar skin care company by working on it only in their spare time.
  4. Jin Sook Chang, co-founder of the retail business Forever 21, used her savings to found a sales marketing company that is currently worth 4 billion dollars.

How to start your own business on 10 steps:

  1. Identify different needs you have in your life or community. Which are most common?
  2. Define if it is a product you can sell or a service you can provide and describe how you’ll do it. (Use your imagination)
  3. Take that idea and make a list of things you may need. (Quantitative)
  4. Research to assure that there isn’t something like it already on the market (if so, don’t worry we can always keep innovating). If you find something similar answer this:
    a)Is it available for everyone to easily buy or could you be the distributor of  your region?
    b)Can you do it better?
    c)If someone buys it, would it really be useful?
  5. Define your budget, look and compare supply distributors. (If you are not able to spend much money you could try partnering with someone who could invest in your idea).
  6. Create a goal calendar and write down everything you need to accomplish in order to launch your new business.  Steps like a brand naming, social media pages, investors, permissions, etc, are crucial to success.
  7. Also, set an hour everyday to work on it. Start with defining your mission, vision statements, and your company’s values (use your personal values as reference).
  8. You are free to ask for help! It is wise to reach out to knowledgeable people for an advice in matters applicable to your business.  Use local and federal business resources and programs to enrich your knowledge and give you a clearer idea of the best way to start things off.
  9. Let your friends and family know you are starting a business but do not try to sell them anything.  Use their interest as an indicator of the market - if they are really interested in your idea it speaks to your target audience.
  10. Put yourself to work and start doing it!!!

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