Don't creep out! Easy costume ideas for Halloween.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for those who love to get dressed up and embrace their inner child...or demon!  But, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find the right costume. Here are some ideas to get you started for Halloween 2017:

Girl costumes

  Wonder Woman: Of course, you can’t rule out this female action hero as an option for this halloween. Besides being one of the best movies of the year, Wonder Woman is a traditional costume/character that embodies female empowerment and a positive role model for young girls.

Super Bowl Lady Gaga: These is not an easy outfit to find, but if you do, you’ll shine brighter than anyone else!  Gaga never fails to surprise or underwhelm the senses.  My advice if you dare to wear her beautiful sparkly leotard is that it will most probably have to be tailor made.

Rey: Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi force prodigy Rey who brings a new hope to a galaxy on the brink of war is the perfect character for brunettes to wear this season.  It fits perfectly with other Star Wars costumes that you run into at a halloween party.

Daenerys Targaryen: Game of thrones favorite chain breaker queen wears so many different outfits every season but I’m sure you can find something that looks like one of her dresses or close to it.  This could be a potentially low-budget option if you search around for a some unique used items at a local Goodwill.  Add in a long platinum blonde wig (or if you are naturally blonde you may wanna braid your hair like khaleesi), and you’re ready to go!

Madonna: You can always trust the Queen of Pop even if she is no longer on the top 10 list. She is an icon everyone knows and for that she deserves to be one of our nominated halloween costume ideas.  Her famous music videos like “Material Girl” are full of ideas for unforgettable costumes.

Group costumes

Baywatch: The hottest remake of the year goes to this group of brave lifeguards. If you live in a city with warm weather you can convince your friends that wearing swimsuits as costumes could be a great idea.
Rock of ages: Regarding the typical rock theme costume you can get some inspiration from this exciting 2012 movie and impersonate some of the characters to get a funny group costume.
The purge: If you and your girls are feeling sexy this year try on a mask with some blood spills on a lab coat, a toy weapon, and a little black dress and stockings.
Scream Queens: Dressing up like the new “Mean Girls” is a great option even more thanks to the main context of the story where murder and weird assassins come into play. It goes perfectly with halloween and you’ll get a scary but nice outfit, mixing the classy lady style with the original spooky appearance.
Orange is the new black: If your squad is too big  and you don’t want to wear the same costume only with different colors as is common, take a look on the cast of this Netflix original and choose your favorite characters.  There should be one for each of you.


Couple costumes

 Baby Driver: This cute new movie couple took us to that sweet teenage romance stage again and it’s really simple: you’ll only need an old ipod, earphones, sunglasses and a smart guy attitude! Oh, and your partner in a dark blue waitress uniform.
Beauty and the beast: Disney’s live action version of this movie was epic this year!  Even if it’s cheesy to dress up like a princess, it’s a timeless costume everyone loves and is always fun to wear.

Arrow and Felicity: In this tv series based on DC comics characters,  she is a high tech prodigy working on the secret lab for Oliver Queen “Arrow.”  Some people say she’s replacing the oracle, but that’s not really important because they make an awesome couple and dressing up like them sounds like fun.

Family costumes

 The smurfs: If you’re trying to do an easy family homemade costume theme try out this blue bundle!  With this huge family you won’t run out of personality options and the simplicity of the outfit will make it easy for every member to find matching clothes in the closet.

The emoji movie:  This one is a fun kid’s movie and they will love it. You can create any character from cardboard and markers  and hang it on yourself.  Be sure you are matching colors as the base of your costume to create a camouflage look or just wear black to be safe.

Alvin and the chumpkins: These super fun squirrels are great for siblings or cousins looking to go together.  All you need are some colored sweaters and jeans plus some character accessories like Simon’s glasses.


Easy Last Minute costumes

 Risky Business: If you really are out of time Tom Cruise's dance scene on this 80’s film could save you. Go grab a white men dress shirt, a pair of white socks, black sunglasses and of course a trophy to pretend it’s a microphone.
Easy  A:  If you are feeling more sassy this year try on this Emma Stone movie outfit.  You only need to add an “A” letter on the top of a black corset, some black leggings and you are good to go.
Boo: This little girl stole our hearts, not just Mike and Sully's.  Everyone loves Monsters inc. so it would be a sweet costume for you to try.
Glow:  Add another Netflix original to the list with “Glow.”  It takes us back to 80’s fashion but with a nice twist that is good for costumes because these ladies are wrestlers.  So go on and mess up your hair, look for a headband, a leotard and find some wrestling boots!
Atomic blonde: Good news for all blondies - you won’t need a wig. Dressing up like the superstar of this action movie will be very easy. I’m betting it won’t be hard for people to guess who you pretend to be. It’s a fun character to impersonate and you’ll get to do a british accent while becoming an MI6 agent.


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