How to wear scarves? Everything about it! November 15, 2017 15:51

It's that time of the year when you open your closet and find so many things you forgot you had or are avoinding to wear just because of the weather, maybe it is not the season color or it is a garment that you don’t know how to match or wear. That’s why fashion complementary accessories are such a good investment, you can do magic with them! If you learn how to match your clothes with them you can give your outfit a 360°. To match it right there are some aspects you'll need to know before. Don't worry I’ll show you how to it nicely! 


First of all you need to learn the differences between each type of scarves based on the fabric they are made of.


Linen Linen is infamous in the fabric world for its sheer strength. It is two to three times stronger than cotton. This fabric is virtually lint free which also gives it a very smooth texture. The color in linen fabrics doesn't fade when washed. This garment will press easily.
Cotton Cotton is one of the most well known natural fabrics. It is notorious for its breathe-ability, durability, and its cooling effect. Cotton is known to be a wash and wear fabric. It is also iron-able and soft to the touch.
Mohair Mohair is a natural silk-like fabric that comes from the Angora goat. It is super soft to the touch, long-lasting, and durable. Since mohair is a natural fiber it has a luxurious feel to it. It is also warm, easily absorbs moisture, comfortable in hot or cold weather, shrink resistant, and wrinkle resistant.
 Acrylic  Acrylic is an ultra-fine fabric that is luxurious and very soft to the touch. It is wearer-friendly because it is washable and dry-cleanable. Acrylic fabrics are strong and shrink resistant in nature. They are also well-known for their comfort, because they are insulated and breathable.

Polyester is a popular man-made fabric that is notorious for its strength. It is machine washable and dries quickly. Polyester is also dry-cleanable, wrinkle resistant, stretch resistant, and shrink resistant.


Silk is the oldest textile fiber known to man. It is extremely elegant and refined. Silk retains its shape extremely well in addition to hanging well. Silk can be worn in all seasons and it shimmers with a luster all of its own. Silk must be hand-washed, but it will not shrink. It dries quickly, but do not ring out into a towel to dry or put in drier. Silk is a very light fabric and was at one time, reserved for kings.

Wool  Wool is a textile fabric that is known for its unique combination of good insulation and lightweight in nature. It is dirt, flame, and wrinkle resistant. It is washable, but it will shrink if washed improperly. Wool is a very breathable fabric.




We’ve all heard of clothes to suit your shape figure like jeans or dresses to complement girls with a determine body shape type. Scarves to flatter certain body shapes are a little less well known. Nonetheless they do exist and, might we add, create some pretty impressive results. Take a look at the ways in which scarves can be potent ammunition is either concealing or enhancing the best and worse of our bodies.


Tall & Slim

Yes they do exists and not just in the fashion magazine. If you are fortunate to be blessed with a figure that is not only tall but is slim as well, you can pretty much wear anything you want. Though there are some exceptions. Tall and slim women often have smaller breasts than they might have liked. Avoid wearing low cut tops which would accentuate the flat chest. Alternatively conceal your smaller-than-average breasts by draping a bright and beautiful scarf across your chest.


Apple-Shaped Ladies

Apple-shaped ladies are significantly larger on top than on the bottom. Those with an apple-shaped figure tend to have a short neck This apple-shaped bodily trait can be overcome by wearing V-shaped tops and jumpers. Alternatively you can conceal a shorter neck by wearing a scarf. Ladies who consider their necks to be shorter than they would like can try to wear a longer scarf of their choice and complement it with a big sized pendant.

The Hourglass Figure

With busts and hips that are in proportion the hourglass figure might sound ideal. However this type of body shape is defined by the waist, which is typically much smaller than the busts and hips. If this sounds like you and your curvy hips and breasts seem to dominate your shape, opt for looser clothing that doesn’t cling to the waist. Scarves can also play a pivotal role in helping women with an hourglass figure achieve a sexy, well-proportioned look, as placing a loosely fitted scarf around your neck that hangs soften past your waist will draw attention from your noticeably defined midriff. Opt for a brightly-coloured scarf, the more eye-catching the better.

Inverted Triangle

It refers to a top heavy body shape, these ladies might have a couple of desirable assets up front but if you’re not inclined to put your bosoms on display you may want to subtly hide them by wearing a scarf. Being light, long and generous with material, pashminas are the perfect scarf to help make women with top heavy figures look a little more in balance. Summer pashminas are perfect for the warmer weather of spring and summer and are light enough to wear in the day as well as the evening. Opt for pashminas and scarves that are one colour or have a smaller pattern printed on them larger patterns can tend to accentuate larger features.




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