I don’t know what she likes! Gift Ideas for women

If you are like most men and you have never noticed what your girlfriend, wife, even your mom, a family member, a work colleague, your boss or any girl  likes and now you are in a hurry looking for the best present for her that will make you look like you are aware of her fashion taste, don’t worry, it's not that hard! I’ll guide you through this uncertain path until you find the perfect gift for her so you may live happily ever after.

First of all and the most important question you need to answer is: Who is it for?

In this case It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding anniversary gift, birthday present, valentines  or christmas gift, the only thing you need to know is who is it for, we don’t really care about the occasion but the person.

Think about how you feel about her, if you are too close, or is it someone you want to approach, maybe is just the social dynamic, anyway take note of the following tips:

Girlfriend, Wife or Someone you like: The point here is to show her you didn’t forget the special date and you love her enough to take your time to buy a non improvised present for her.

Family member: We all have being there receiving a random present our grandma’s cousin gave us or someone we don’t ever get in touch with but they are family and somehow sometimes we are invited to their birthday’s so here we are looking for something to give her that she at least would wear. Or maybe it is our favorite aunt so we need to make sure she likes it thought.

Work colleague or similar:  Probably the hardest one to choose something she actually likes if you are not very close but It could be the easier one just for the same reason, they won’t expect much from you!

Now try to remember the last time you saw her, What was she wearing?

How would you describe her style to be like? Choose the one that fits better with her personality:

Classy / Elegant / Business: She is usually wearing designer’s fashion, always formal outfits and anyone may think she is bossy even if she is not.

Casual / Trendy: Jeans or leggings, a t-shirt and sandals or flats and she’s good to go anywhere.

Bohemian / Hippie: Her life is pretty much relaxed, no hair do needed just a vintage dress, a handmade bag and sandals are enough for her.

Sexy: She dresses up to show off her incredible body.

Country: All they need are nice boots, a square shirt, shorts or jeans and of course a country hat... oh! and don’t forget the belt.

Rocker / Gothic / Punk: Rules are not made for them, they are bold, their clothes scream black and different.

Hipster: She’s probably vegan, loves art,goes to pet friendly places, drinks coffee and wears her mom's old 90’s clothes.

Fitness / Sporty: She is always at the gym, outside running or probably at any sports team and loves the healthy lifestyle. She dresses up comfortable matching sportswear outfits and sneakers.

Girly / Religious: She is certainly lovely, looks sweet and innocent. Most of the time she wears conservative cute dresses.

 Once you have a clear idea of her usual looks, another important thing to consider is: Your Budget. Of course you don’t want to look cheap but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a nice and reasonable priced gift that will make you look good. In a world with so many options and no time to waste let's take the freeway.

The SAFEST bet: Accessories.

Jewelry has always been a safe bet for every man on earth. Why? Let’s be honest, sometimes you don’t even know your own size, so for this matter we’ll stay with accessories.

But that’s not the only reason, besides it makes every woman develope confidence based on her looks, scientifically speaking wearing jewelry is considered good for health because the nerves of our body are connected to each other and metal will provide us positive energy.

It is time to decide what kind of jewelry will be the best option according to her style and personality, if  bracelets, pendants, a scarf, a necklace, earrings, etc. Don’t panic, I’ll help you out.

Now, here are my gift recommendations for you, It all depends on each type of girl or woman:

Classy / Elegant / Business:   She is a fine lady and that requires a fine taste so this earrings and necklace Zirconia set will be perfect for her.


Casual / Trendy:   For this girl a pashmina would work just great, it always improves any casual outfit looking amazing with almost anything.  


Bohemian / Hippie: These feather earrings express everything a bohemian stands for and her natural wildness.  


 Sexy: For a sassy woman color red fits perfectly and this necklace will look amazing on her.  


Country:  She must love horses, and this heart-shaped necklace will represent that perfectly. 


Rocker / Gothic / Punk:  Nothing shows more attitude than this skull black leather bracelet, she will love it! 


Hipster: This black earrings are just like her, simple and cute. 


Fitness/Sporty:   This magnetic therapy necklace is perfect for her, it works keeping high the energy power while training.


Girly/Religious:  She is sweet and this beautiful silver pendant is too. 


Conservative older woman:  You need to be careful because you don’t want to make her feel old, so a good option would be this sophisticated grey scarf with a vintage silver pendant. 


Finally based on this examples you’ll be able to choose the one that fits better with her, or any other lady. I hope it was useful and don’t forget to check out more of the gift options that we have for you here at Embolden Jewelry.