"I Love Mom" Crystal Necklace - Silver

$ 59.99 $ 199.99

The "I Love Mom" Crystal Necklace - Silver elegantly spells "Mom" across the center of the heart shaped silver pendant.  This piece is a beautiful way to express your love for your mother.  We may not always get along with our mothers, but we know they always have our best interest in mind.  It's time we show our moms how much we appreciate them.  

The necklace is silver and features the 'mom' pendant on an 18 inch wave chain.  Not only is it a great gift from a daughter to a mother, it really can be a perfect gift from:

1) Daughter to Mother

2) Husband to Wife

3) A Son to Mother

Designed with flair and crafted with care from quality materials.

This is a limited edition signature necklace by Embolden Jewelry.

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