Negative Ion Magnetic Rubber Cord Necklace - Pink

$ 21.99 $ 71.99

Beautiful pink silicone rubber necklace chain cord with stainless steel spacers and magnetic clasp. Easy to attach for any lady from senior citizen to little girl. Waterproof silicone cord is great for athletes of any sport from swimmers to volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball players and track and field cross country runners. The titanium magnetic powers are said to relieve pain, protect from computer electromagnetic fields, enhance power, balance, strength, endurance and immunity. But if it does nothing it is durable, easy to maintain and stylish. Perfect necklace chain for child or adult to wear everyday or as an accessory for that certain outfit. Stainless steel spacers can be moved to create designs, left in one place together, or put near the clasp out of view. Perfect for golfers, college student athletes, high school athletes, children going back to school, or anyone who loves pink. Embolden Jewelry̴å¬ is an American brand. Quality Guaranteed.